Mountain Sea Properties

22 Whitney Farm Rd

Mt. Desert, Maine 04660

(207) 244-0066


Lease Agreement

Jennifer Wales hereinafter called “Lessor”, tenant hereinafter called “Lessee”

Lessor warrants that the premises and all appliances, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems will be in good working order and that the cost of repairs will be borne by the Lessor unless due to negligence of Lessee.

Lessor agrees to pay for domestic phone service and TV service during the term of the lease.  Lessee is responsible for any additional charges.

While the Lessee may peaceably hold and enjoy the premise, the Lessor retains the right to enter the premise at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice, for reasonable and necessary purposes.  

The Lessee shall use the premises for residential purposes only and agrees to keep the premises in as good repair as found, to quietly yield up premises at the termination of the tenancy by the time indicated above, and to replace and repair anything broken or lost or to have the cost deducted from the security deposit.  

The Lessee agrees to not smoke inside the premises.  Subletting is not allowed.  Occupancy is limited to...

Fern Way - eight (8) people and zero (0) pets

Honeybee - eight (8) people and zero (0) pets

The Club House - five (5) people and zero (0) pets

Eagle Cliff - eight (8) people and zero (0) pets

Guest House - four (4) people and zero (0) pets

Beechwood - eight (8) people and two (2) dogs

Should the Lessor find more than the occupancy limit of people or dogs occupying the residency, all parties will be immediately evicted without refund.   Beechwood Lessee agrees to pick up all pet waste, and not allow pets on any furniture, and pets left unattended within the property MUST be crated.

If, for any reason, the premises should become uninhabitable prior to occupancy by the Lessee, all payments will be returned but with no further responsibility of the owner or Lessor.  Personal property insurance for the tenant is the responsibility of the Lessee.

Should the Lessee be unable to occupy the premises for any reason, except the fault of the Lessor, the Lessor will keep all payments and the Lessee will be liable for the remainder of the rent due.  If the Lessor is able to rent the premises for the same period of time covered by the lease to another tenant, Lessee will be refunded payments less a 20% of rental cost booking fee.

All covenants and agreements herein contained shall be for the benefit and shall apply to and bind the said parties hereto, their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns. 

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