The history and today

In the summer of 2000, Jen and Adam started Mountain Sea Properties with a single house, Eagle Cliff, where they had been married that same summer.  The owners had approached them expressing their frustration renting their home through larger rental agencies on the island. Adam and Jen offered to represent the house with the goal of providing a different experience for both owners and tenants.  They committed to provide top quality individualized service by representing a limited number of houses and personalized vacation services, all with a deep commitment of giving back to the community.  Unlike the larger rental agencies, tenants would not be simply one of thousands of rentals and owners would not be simply one of hundreds of houses.  

Since then, Mountain Sea Properties has grown along with the Wales family and has developed a solid reputation of exceptional customer service with top-notch quality (and clean!) rental houses.  As year-round members of the Island’s community, each year Jen and Adam donate a portion of their proceeds to local organizations devoted to sustaining the beauty and well being of the Mount Desert Island area.

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